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41 Countries and 6,748 Athletes Pre-Registered in Pan Am 2003

The delegations of 41 countries and 6,748 athletes have been pre-registered for the participation in the XIV Pan American Games, to be held in this country from August 1 to 17, informed yesterday the technical director of the event, professor Nelly Manuel Doņe; and the Sports Director, Nelson Ramirez. 

At a press conference held at the Organizing Committee of the Pan Am-2003 (COPAN), the two directors explained that presently, 41 out of the 42 countries members of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO), only Guyana´s pre-registration is pending, but that it is still has an opportunity to pre-register. 

In addition to the 6,748 athletes, the countries, including the Dominican Republic, have pre-registered more than 2,425 (trainers and delegates). Therefore, the total pre-registrations of the different countries are 9,173. This figure does not include the judges and referees, who are not part of the delegations. 

Doņe and Ramirez explained that such number of pre-registrations would decrease when the moment the registration is made official, since the athletes that do not qualify for the competition will be removed from the list of each country. The trainer of such athletes and, in many cases, the delegates of the sports in which they were to participate, will also be removed. 

Doņe and Ramirez explained that the official registration of the Pan Am 2003 has a deadline of July 17 at 12:00 p.m.

The country having the delegation with the highest amount of pre-registrations is the United States, who has one thousand and ten pre-registrations, with 713 athletes; also the highest amount of athletes compared to the other delegations. 

The Dominican Republic, which as the host country has the obligation to register athletes in all the sports, has already registered a 764-person delegation, including 562 athletes. 


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